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Picturing Berlin, Piecing Together a Public Sphere 
Sunil Manghani
Pécuchet, 2003 (Bilingual edition: Japanese / English)
Only in the light of the public sphere did that which existed become revealed, did everything become visible to all” – Jürgen Habermas

The long and fraught process of re-establishing Berlin as both the capital of a reunified Germany and the seat of its government made the city host to a fifth distinctive political regime within just one century. With such fits of political domination and new beginnings the changing face of Berlin’s public sphere has undoubtedly carried with it changing fortunes, giving rise to a panoply of myths, symbols, and images. Picturing Berlin, Piecing Together a Public Sphere explores the city’s rich visual culture in an attempt to understand role of images can play in thinking through political responsibility and the marking out of a contemporary public sphere.




[Updated version of an essay originally published in Invisible Culture, Issue 6, 2003]

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