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Image Studies

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Visual Methodologies


Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials
Gillian Rose
Sage, 2011 (3rd Edition), ISBN: 978-0857028884

See: Companion Website

Table of Contents

1. Researching with Visua Materials: A Brief Survey

2. Towards a Critical Visual Methodology

3. How to Use This Book

4. ‘The Good Eye’: Looking at Pictures Using Compositional Interpretation

5. Content Analysis: Counting What You (Think You) See

6. Semiology: Laying Bare the Prejudices beneath the Smooth Surface of the Beautiful

7. Psychoanalysis: Visual Culture, Visual Pleasure, Visual Disruption

8. Discourse Analysis: Text, Intertextuality, Context

9. Discourse Analysis II: Institutions and Ways of Seeing

10. To Audience Studies and Beyond: Ethnographies of Television Audiences, Fans and Users

11. Making Photographs as Part of a Research Project: Photo-Documentation, Photo-Elicitation and Photo-Essays

12. Ethics and Visual Research Methods

13. Visual Methodologues: a Review


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